Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Preparing for a presentation

With an estimated 30 million slides being created every day, there is a lot of presenting going on out there: To help you make sure that yours ‘hit the spot’ in terms of engaging your audience and getting your key points and concepts across as effective as possible. We nice people at The Presenter’s Handbook have compiled the top 5 aspects of preparing for a presentation.

  1. Start early because it always takes longer than you think.
  2. To focus your mind, write one clear sentence describing the presentation and its importance.
  3. Collect material which may relate to the topic. Audiences love to receive information they didn’t know.
  4. Design your presentation to be a story that follows a logical sequence.
  5. Stick to the story: If a slide doesn’t fit, lose it!
For further tips on preparing for a presentation contact The Presenter's Handbook via our website.  

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