Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Co-author of The Presenter's Handbook, Phillip Adcock, recently gave an interview to Linda Harrison of the Daily Express, in relation to his first book Supermarket Shoppology.

Linda starts by outlining that the weekly shop is a ritual familiar to us all. There’s the challenge of buying staples such as milk, tinned goods, a bag of pasta and a bottle of plonk without going over budget. Some of us buy in bulk, others pick up items as we go but we all face the bright lights and endless aisles laden with goodies at our local supermarket.
In an effort to cut costs, who hasn’t snapped up an item labelled “best value”, “three for two” or the bewildering acronym BOGOF (buy one get one free)? I often feel my brain is about to explode by the time I get to the till, never sure I’ve actually reduced my weekly spend. 

Now consumer behaviour expert Phillip Adcock has written a book exposing the real workings of the average supermarket, the tricks they employ, the confusing offers slapped on packaging and the store layouts that mean we sometimes spend more than we want to. 

Supermarket Shoppology: The Science Of Supermarket Shopping And A Strategy To Spend Less And Get More (Shopping Behaviour Xplained, £9.79) promises to spill the beans on all the stores’ secrets. 

“The average householder spends £150,000 in supermarkets in their lifetime,” says Phillip. “They’re spending more in there than on anything except the mortgage.”

Phillip, who for 20 years taught leading retailers how to induce consumers to spend more, agreed to accompany Linda on her weekly shop. 

Find out what happens by reading the full article.

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